Friday, June 4, 2010

Three 100 milers in 5 weeks

This is by far the most running I've done - three 100 milers in 5 weeks:

April 24: Jerseyville Fat Ass 100, the flattest and fastest one (17:52)

May 15: Massanutten Mountain Trail 100, the rockiest and hilliest one (30:14)

May 29: Sulphur Springs 100, the hottest and most challenging one (22:14)

Now it's time to rest up for Badwater with a little heat training thrown in.


  1. Wow! You will surely be ready for Badwater. See you there.

  2. Thanks, Tony. Hope your training is going well too. See you soon in Badwater.

  3. Three 100 milers in 5 weeks; that's amazing! I read a lot of your previous posts.. looking forward to following your future training, especially for Badwater. Best of luck! I'm hoping to be there one day in the not so distant future!

  4. Thanks, Brian. I hope everything will work out this year. Good luck with your training.