Sunday, August 15, 2010

Badwater Ultramarathon 2010

Team Swiss Miss in Action!
Thanks so much to my crew chief John for the great video.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Burning River 100 - Suck it up Princess!

It was time to pay back to my incredible Badwater crew member Bernie. She supported and helped me during my training for Badwater and did everything to get me through those 135 miles in Death Valley together with the rest of the greatest crew I could have, John, Jeff and Annette.

Bernie you are an amazing person and a great friend. You always believed in me and you are always there for me. It was my pleasure running Burning River 100 with you, the race you decided will be your race this year. We had a lot of fun out there in the trails and went through many up and downs. I always believed that you are much stronger than you think and you showed me what a strong lady you are. It felt incredible passing all those runners close to the end, finishing in 26:31 and winning the female super master title together. I am very proud of you. You are a princess!

Some of the Canadian runners, from left to right: Kinga, John, Steve, Bernie, myself and Kat.

Following the guy with the blue t-shirt. He was already running with 3 other ladies. Lucky guy!

Swiss Miss on a mission

Bernie looking very strong - the princess is coming!

Gregory made us laugh: "The last time I felt this good I was in the hospital!"

The most inspiring runner, Monica Scholz on her way to her 14. 100 mile finish this year. Congratulations! You are truly amazing!

My favourite aid station - the Covered Bridge. They even had mashed potatoes!

Wooh-ah!! Crossing the finish line felt incredible. 26:31 - Bernie you were awesome!

Congratulations to Monica, Kinga, Sharon, Kat, Steve, and Stephan for finishing the Burning River 100!
And last but not least this is from Bernie, the princess herself:
Thank you so much to Iris for helping me accomplish a kick-ass race in Burning River. We had a wonderful day and night and there was 100 years of running power on the trails and road!
Iris your support and belief in me got me through this run and while it was my legs that got me to the finish line your never ending determination of mind helped carry me through :) from the Princess!