Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heat Training

Two days ago I officially started my heat training which is sitting in the sauna as long as I can while drinking a lot of fluids. I lasted 20 minutes - not too bad for the first time. Last year my sauna sitting PB was 1 hour and 15 minutes. Hopefully I can beat that this year.

When I've emailed Ferg Hawke, the famous Canadian Badwater Runner, last year regarding heat training. He recommended doing heat training for about 2 months before Badwater. Anyone who is interested about Ferg Hawke's Badwater experience, I recommend watching the DVD "The Distance of Truth" , a great documentary, especially the blister section... Since I don't have a chance to put my treadmill into a sauna, I figured sitting or walking on the spot in a sauna is still better than no heat training at all.

I've also added two more training components to my Badwater training this year. The first is weigth training - 20 minutes about 4 - 5 times a week, especially upper body like abs, arms and core strength. The second one is getting a sun tan. Who in a million years would have thought of that? If I would have to guess which part of my body would suffer the most during the Badwater Ultramarathon last year, there would be no doubts I would say my feet. But you know what - I was completely wrong. The most painful part of my body after the race was the lower part of my face. I got a very bad sun burn which was so painful, I had to take strong pain killers for a few days and couldn't leave the hotel room in Las Vegas until our flight back to Toronto.

I've decided this won't be happening this year and I have to get a good tan before the race. I will be a frequent guest at the tanning studio in my neigbourhood, and I'm also thinking about running with a Buff this year..


  1. Iris the Buff is a great idea. I used one during the Marathon des Sables along with some amazing sunblock and I'm sure I was only one who came back from the hot Sahara Desert whiter than when I left. Sounds like you have a great training plan in the works. I'll be picking you brain for advice when I decide to run Badwater. Enjoy your training.

  2. Thanks, Sue. Looking forward to see you again. Good luck in France!