Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend and days after recap

I am a lazy blogger and I know I should update my blog more often. Thanks, Diane for reminding me.

My Badwater training is going very well. Last Saturday I ran a couple of loops at Sulphur again with my friends Adi and Steve. Everybody else was tapering for the first race of the season, the Around the Bay 30 k. Congratulations to all the finishers. Well done!

We started out for the first loop at 7:00 with a beautiful sunrise. It was a bit chilly for my taste. However due to the temperature drop the night before the trails were frozen and were easy to run. Sharon met up with us for the second loop and with the raising temperature it got a bit muddy. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun and we talked about a lot of very interesting subjects. I’m always amazed about all the different issues and events runners can talk. Very interesting!

Sunday I decided to be a wimp and I ran 20 miles on the treadmill. Not sure what was wrong but I just didn’t feel great despite watching “Old Dogs” which was quite funny, at least some parts of it. However I was happy to finish the 20 miles I planned to run.

Most of the days besides running I do a 20 minutes weight workout to strengthen my upper body, arms and abs. I haven’t done any weights last year in my BW training and it hopefully will make a difference this year.

Monday is my rest day and all I’m doing is 20 – 40 minutes weights. That’s probably the reason I felt so well rested today that I decided to run 12 miles in the morning on the treadmill and a 9 mile tempo run in the evening through the Beltline in my Nike Free’s. I love those shoes for tempo runs. Both runs were great and I hope my further BW training will feel the same. So far I have been very fortunate and very lucky to stay injury free. Keep my fingers crossed.

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